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at UC Davis

The UC Davis Biological Orchard and Gardens is a student-led initiative to convert a previously underutilized space in the heart of the UC Davis campus into a sustainable orchard and series of Mediterranean gardens. Working in cooperation with a dedicated team of campus staff, faculty, and community members the BOG team has succeeded in establishing a permaculture orchard of California-heritage dwarf fruit trees, and has established a stewardship framework to care for and continue to develop the site. 

The BOG needs YOU! We welcome students from all majors to help us with the planning, implementation, and stewardship of the site -- from gardening days to outreach events, there's a place for everyone at the BOG!

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Come and visit the BOG in front of Mann Lab, next to Hoagland Hall and behind the Tri Co-ops!

The Biological Orchard

and Gardens

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